Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Miss Anya" if it's your birthday...

Happy 21st Birthday Michelle!
you don't look a day older than your age =)
so I decided to use my "Miss Anya" images for this special occasion! I wanted to make a card that was different and special...and I had these cards with an opening in the front, so if you had a picture to put in you could just insert it and send a card. I decided to make it look like the anya ladies were popping out of the card.
My favorite color is purple and Michelle's is pink, so that's why I chose the colors I did. I also stamped some swirls and added some butterflies with my punch, added paper flowers and I used the friend stamp from SU.
here's a closer view of the girls...I gave them both some sparkly eye shadow too! I love those stickles which add so much to a image on a card.
so with that...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday BFF Michelle...
Happy Birthday to you!!!
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!!



This is such a beautiful card!


Oh what a pretty card! Great coloring :)


This card is so pretty! I love the layout. And those butterflies & flowers are a nice touch.


Very cute card Joy!!! She'll love it. You're getting real good with the coloring.


Hi Joy! This is such a cute card with both of your favorite colors! She will love it!! =)


Hi Joy! Love the idea of the Anya girls popping out of the card! Very creative! Michelle will be so happy to receive this card. Have a great week! Cami

Michelle Ueligitone

Thank you so much Joy for all of my goodies! You are such a wonderful friend and I appreciate you so much! You didn't have to get me soooooo much you crazy girl! I know it sounds corny, but your friendship is the best present ever!

Glad we could just hang out yesterday, it made my birthday that much better! See you tonight!



Very pretty card, I am sure that Michelle will love this!!
Jodi =0

Islander Girl

Oh cute!!! You guys are definitely the best of friends!!! I'm sure she'll love it!!!


Super cute Joy!
Looks like two very good friends...Maybe you and...Michelle!
Loved your B-Day gift to her. You are such a sweet friend!


I'm sure Michelle loved this one. and it's a great personalized card for her. super sweet card...

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