Monday, December 22, 2008

Wonderful Christmas Party...

I had such a good time at Jen's house...Little C's and Pieces of Me...We had games to play, awesome food to eat and great fellowship with so many wonderful and talented ladies! I got to meet my blogging sisters and it was amazing! I was truly blessed yesterday and I am so thankful to have gotten to experience this wonderful day! Thank you Jen for your hospitality!
look at all these beautiful stuff that these wonderful crafting sisters made! I'm sorry the candy ones are not daughter and her cousins ENJOYED it =) I came home with so much stuff! I love Christmas...and seeing the smiles on everyone's faces...Priceless!
Thank you to Enjoli for this adorable tin! I know it must be filled with such wonderful goodies! I can't wait till I open it! I am so lucky to have you as my friend!!! You are just too sweet!
and who could resist shopping? we all had to buy a thing or two...well, I had to buy plenty! I wanted those Magnolia I went to town...and those glass dew drops that everyone seems to have been waiting for? well, Jen got them in and we bought her out! she may have a few left, but very few =) So if you'd like to go shopping...go and check Little C's out!

Merry Christmas everyone!
I may skip posting these next two weeks...I have to finish wrapping and making gifts as well as delivering them. So as soon as the holidays are done...I'll be back to post more!
thanks for always stopping by and leaving such wonderful comments!
take care and be safe!


Islander Girl

Aww, I saw Jen was having something at her place. I wish I went, but my mom's in town and well with me being in Japan, it's now time to play catch up! Hope there'll be another one so I can meet you all!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family!



Hi Joy! I was soooo nice to finally meet you in person! Hehehe...I had a lot of fun even though I only stayed for an hour. =) I hope you enjoy the tin as much as I had fun making it. =) Thanks so much for the present you sent me. I can't wait to open it.


Hi Joy... thanks for your inviteto be your friend... of course I accepted! You have quite a lot of goodies here... and o course who can resisit shopping... when things are just right in front of oyur eyes?! :) lol
Jen's store seems to have such yumies.. I entered her dT call... wonder if she'll choose me... sigh! I'll have to wait and see.. no answer yet!;)

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