Saturday, December 27, 2008

A gift for a friend...

so I have a little time...will post a fast one...but I made this for one of the law clerks at work...she is so sweet and so I wanted to make something for her...I did the tote w/ tin...HK with wings. I do love this one, even though it's a lot of work!
I packed it with a tin w/ rub-ons, filled it with goodies from Teri's friend at that Berry bath & body works...made a check book cover and pen.

hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!
Ring the new year 2009 in with hope, love and peace!



You have a visually delightful and welcoming blog. I create my blog; I don't create such things as you do. My wife collects clothing buttons, and she creates wonderful trays with them.


The law clerk is so lucky to have you as a friend - you are too generous with your time and goodies. Love how you embellish the Hello Kitty - do you actually replace the i.e. flower or just cover it? It looks so perfect that I wondered whether you replaced it instead. Good job!


Very pretty Joy, I love your ideas. Have a Happy New Year. God Bless.


These are so cute Joy!


OMGosh Joy, where has "Time" gone. It's been too long, since I last stopped in. Sorry for the MIA bit.

Hope you're having a wonderful New Years.

How purrrrrrfect is this gift for your co-worker. Too, too cute!

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