Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Honolulu City Lights...2008...

Just wanted to share a few photos with you...we went to the see the City Lights tonight 12-22-08, and it was great to walk around and just soak Christmas in...with family...so pretty. I had lots of fun looking at all those trees and wreaths and this year there were gingerbread houses too. Then after we went to eat at Zippys. It was nice to get out and now it's back to the wrapping and finishing up a few more things before tomorrow! wish me luck!
Taelyn and I...next to the biggest tree in the world...
the kids with grandma...
the family under the tree...my brother thought those big bulbs hanging from it was so cool and wanted to hang them at home...this is the best he could get...a picture under it =)

Happy Holidays everyone!


Michelle Ueligitone

Hey Joy, looks like you guys had fun! It took me like 6 hours to bake and frost all those cupcakes. What a pain, lol. Brian asked me how long, and you know I told him. TTYL!


These are great pics,looks like everyone had such a good time!
Happy Holidays!
Jodi =)


merry christmas!


MERRY CHRISTMAS to you Joy, and your precious little princess!

Have a safe and beautiful New Years in Jesus!

God Bless!


I just love that pic of you and Tae...I am glad that you are getting in the pics!! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!! Thank you for everything!! You are much too generous! much love, Teri

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