Monday, November 21, 2011


I don't have any crafting pictures to share with you today, but I do have some final pictures of my living space. I am slowly moving in and getting rid of so much stuff! Amazing what you keep over the years and now you wonder why you did? lol! But I know some of you are anxious in seeing what it looks like. I shared these pics on FB so it may be familiar to some of you.
I am so glad that the renovations...for the most part is done. here's a picture of my living area which doesn't have anything moved in yet, but my room is now filled.
here is my kitchen. I finally have a defined kitchen! I just got a microwave and am now looking for a refrigerator. so if anyone knows a good deal...please let me know! I hope that over the holidays there will be a good sale!
here's my closet. It' s pretty spacious one. I love it! It's packed with so much clothes, crafts and other things. I can fit so many things inside and I still can stand inside it and close it. hahaha!
and's my lovely bathroom! I love it because it's really big now! I have a wonderful shower and so much space! still waiting for my closet to be built, but hopefully that comes soon.
Have a wonderful week everyone! Be good to yourself and take time to see the beauty around you! Take care :)

Be Blessed,



Awesome remodel joy!!!!

Creations by Shirl

Oh how exciting Joy~
I'm sure all the living spaces must feel nice and fresh... I didn't realize it was like a complete remodel of the whole house.... Wow no wonder it took longer.... I'm sure it must be so pretty now, cluttered free and enjoyable.....

Have A Scrap Happy Day

Hi Joy,
Wow, that was a huge renovation job. It'll feel so great to finally settle in and be crafting, crafting, and crafting again. :-)


wow, love how everything turned out! looks great! just in time for the holidays! hope all is well!


Wonderful renovation...a whole new home! Lots of space and now you can start a "brand new" craft room! This renovation came out great!


It's really great to share experiences, with challenges specially if you have succeed. And with house renovations, sometimes you will do it with insulation methods that will benefit your family.


How exciting Joy! So glad that things went well and you're starting to get settled in! It's like a brand new house! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! ;)

Shirley N

Wow Joy, everything looks beautiful! You must be so happy now that it's all over and you're ready for the holidays. Have fun crafting!

donna mikasa

Happy, happy, joy, joy! I know just how you feel with renovations being pau! Everything looks great and you must be thrilled to have it completed before the holidays! Thanks for sharing!

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