Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Mother's Love...

Happy Hump Day everyone! Wow the week is going by pretty quick. We here in Hawaii have had so much rain the past couple days...more like a week or two with thunder storms in between. So what is there to do but create right?! lol. So this purse I saw from Mama's blog and it looked so cute that I wanted to try it, but of course the link was to a blog that didn't have any English writing, so I just winged it on my own. I added a cute sentiment from the scrapbook graphics and used my border punch for the front and the handle of the purse.
here's the side view. I wanted to use those fun flowers, but I didn't know it was going to be so big that it covered my lacey circles. oh wells. this one is smaller then the one Mama created and I used circles instead of hearts. It is probably easier with hearts, so next time I will try it with hearts...if I get a chance.
hope everyone is having a good week so far. I am enjoying it. Can you believe it's May already and pretty soon summer is here?! Well keep creating everyone as I love to see what everyone has come up with and I am always inspired!

Be Blessed,


donna mikasa

Hi Joy! What an adorable purse! Love those large blooms--any little girl (or big girl) would love this!

The rain's been the pits! Only good thing is we don't have to water anything. Hope you don't get flooded again! Take good care! Happy Hump Day!

Creations by Shirl

What a pretty girlie purse. Love the flowers and all that border punches you used.
Heard that it's been raining like crazy ova there. Here on the BI the weather's been pretty nice so far. Have a great day Joy!:)


What a cute purse! I really admire the fact that you can just look at something and figure out the measurements in your head ... that's awesome! Happy humpty dance day! :-p


that's a cute purse! i haven't had the chance to look at mama's link, but since you said it's not in english... no sense... lol! maybe you can make a tutorial? hint, hint!

Lacey Stephens

How cute!! So sweet! This is such a lovely gift, hun!! I hope you are doing well!!


OMGoodness Joy! This is unreal! Luv it and how it came out with the lacey circles. I tell ya, you can do wonders my friend! Now how in the heck to make a tutorial outta this huh? I don't even want to try, but I know you can . . . you're good at that. Have a great week JOY!

Kim Y.

This is fabulous! Love the big flower!


i LOVE it!!! so so pretty!! i think it looks good with the circles too... maybe try squares too next time... hehehe... TUT TUT TUT!!! i'm jus' sayin'! ;)

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