Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Abundant of Blessings...


Happy Hump Day everyone! I am starting to get back into the groove of things and slowly starting to create! As I have lots of birthdays and other things coming up...I think I better =) I didn't create anything today, but I have been BLESSED by dear friends with fabulous gifts and cards for my birthday!
This beautiful, sparkly, purple card is from my BFF! I am truly blessed to have found a dear, sweet, kind and considerate friend in Michelle! She truly has touched my life and I so cherish our friendship! Thank you Michelle!!
here's a card I received from Joni. She used that cute angel from TGF and colored her so well! I am also touched by her friendship and generosity! Thank you Joni!!
this card was a super surprise from my dear friend Amy! I love the cupcake and I am thankful for your friendship too. Thank you for your thoughtfulness Amy!!
I received a goodie package from kind Rita! she always thinks of me and look at what she sent! isn't that the cutest owl post-it notes! Thank you Rita!!
I got this goodie package from Cyndi. She has been so sweet to me! I love my cute porcupine card and it's purple! Thank you for your generosity Cyndi!!
last but not least...I got this in the mail from sweet Brenda! She's always creating such wonderful creations and I am so blessed to be able to receive some! Thank you my friend...Brenda!!
Well, thank you for stopping by and sharing in my happiness.
I am just so blessed for those of you who came by and wished me a happy birthday! I am truly grateful and humbled by your friendship! I hope you know that I do care about you too!

Be Blessed,



yeah for happy mail:)


wonderful birthday blessings for such a sweet person! hope you enjoyed your birthday!


you received a lot of nice things for a sweet person! hope you had a great one!


Happy Belated Birthday Joy! I hope you had a blast!


Happy, happy (birthday), Joy, Joy!
Lucky you to be blessed with such thoughtful (and creative!) friends. Hope your birthday was as sweet and special as you are!!!


Woot Joy! What wonderful gifts for a special person! Happy belated Birthday again! Another gift will be coming your way soon, maybe today! :) Take care girl!


What great cards! Mine is still in the works, sorry I'm so late. Life and priorities have changed so much, I don't know whether I'm coming or going. Hope to see you soon so I can give you your card! Happy birthday to you!


Happy belated birthday Joy! Hope you had a great day. Cute cards and sweet gifts!! :)

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