Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have created more mini gatefold boxes for a neighborhood watch annual dinner that we just had. we have a $10 grab bag and I usually like to create something. this time I did this and filled it with some cute stuff. I thought that Jade from TGF was perfect for the topper. I used my lotus for the background.
I also decided to add a post it note. I decorated this one with fleur anya. I added some half pearls and stickles. she came out so cute!
it was just a simple cover with CS over the post it note.
here's another one that I made...
both post it notes that I created got a mini pen with it...
Happy Wednesday! thanks for sticking with me...

“Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.”

Be Blessed,



such fun projects Joy!!! I love today's quote too!


These are just darling!

Berenice R.

Super cute projects! TFS :)


Very cute Joy! I'm going to "grab" this idea from you...hehehe. Have a blessed day!!! =)


awesome projects! TFS :)


Great creations! We had one LUCKY neighbor!!
I am slowly getting inspired to "crack the whip" in my craft room!


These are adorable Joy!! Love both of your creations and how sweet of you to create them for the neighborhood watch group!
Jodi =)


Love all your projects you created for the neighborhood watch group. How lucky they are to have a crafty person amongst them! Love your gatefold boxes...keep them coming! Hugs, Cami


Holy! Your creative juices are overflowing girl! Awesome job on those projects! :) You know I'm always in awe of you . . . always so thoughtful and thinking of others! :) I'm doing well, but can't wait to see you and the others next month!

Islander Girl

Oh so cute! I love the red on Fleur!!! Jade is adorable also. That's so sweet to have grab bags for your neighborhood watch dinner! Wish it was like that on the mainland! Ahh the things I will miss when I finally leave the island...


These are all so cute and adorable! Great little gifts!


So cute! I don't know how you have the time to make all these boxes and color the images. Love how they all turned out different.

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