Friday, July 30, 2010


For those of you who are close to me, know my story/ to make a long story short...I have a son who's 19. I know you know my darling daughter as I always talk or post pictures of her. Well, my kid is leaving for college today and so I wanted to make a special card for him. I know he's an awesome and fantastic soccer player as well as a cute and wonderful kid, but he also loves to I decided to use surfing Ian for my image. I didn't know what to create, but ended up making another shaker easel.
here is what it looks like once the easel is up...the sentiment is computer generated and I punched out some flowers and added some pearl bling. I used the new DP from Imaginisce and I am loving the new satin ribbon from SU. I didn't take a picture of the next layer as right underneath the the bottom I created a card where I could write a special message to him.
As every mother's dream is for their child to be happy, successful and content with where they are and what they do and become...I am proud to say that I must have done something right as he's taking a step in the right direction for a better and brighter future!

“Build me a son, O Lord, who will be strong enough to know when he is weak, and brave enough to face himself when he is afraid, one who will be proud and unbending in honest defeat, and humble and gentle in victory.” - Douglas McArthur

Be Blessed,


Islander Girl

What a wonderful card for you ds!!! You are a great mother and it shows! I'm sure it's hard to see him go off to college (wait, is he leaving the island?) nevertheless, it's hard to sometimes face the fact that they're growing up! Must be bittersweet...but I'm sure he'll do well in whatever he set his sights on and you'll always be proud of him! You are truly blessed!!



Very cute card Joy!


Oh sweetie!!! This is a wonderful card!!! Wishing your son the best of luck and lots of adventures during his years of college!!! Hugs!

donna mikasa

Wonderful card for your son and you must be so proud of him! Love your shaker cards--always awesome! I'm sure he's just as proud of you....


This is just darling!


wow very cute shaker! love the bright colors! best wishes to your son in college!

joni h

This post brought tears to me eyes! I guess it's because I'll be in your shoes in a few short years and can only hope my son will be moving in the right direction!
You're such a wonderful mom! I can only image your son follows in your footsteps too! Wishing him all the best as he ventures into the next chapter of his life!


that is a great card for your son! i'm sure he'll love it! may god continue to watch over him while he's away at college! i wish him only the best in his future endeavors! you must be so proud of him! enjoy your weekend!


Congrats to your son who has decided to attend college after all the years of being nurtured by a wonderful Mom. You can be very proud of him as I'm sure he's proud of you and has turned to your guidance many times. It's hard when a child starts "adulthood" life, but he will be successful in all his endeavors. Your card is very nice and so appropriate for a guy who loves to surf. Have a great weekend Joy! Hugs, Cami


What a beautiful card for your son Joy! They grow up so fast. How wonderful that you keep in touch with him all the time. Have a great Sunday!


What a wonderful card for ds. He will certainly know how much love you put into making it and feel very special. Thank you for sharing this!


A special card for you son Joy, love how colorful it is, soooo cute!!


Joy, this card is awesome in so many ways. It represents so much love, happiness, and pride. I dont know you well, but I can tell you are a wonderful Mom! Your card sentiment is so touching, and your blog quotes are always inspiring! You are truly blessed! ;)


What a great card for your son. So hard to let go yeah? Nolan can be Taelyn's substitute brother, haha!

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