Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Graduation Time...

...Mililani High School...
I didn't think I would be making any cards this year for graduation...but low and behold I have two kids that I know that are graduating this year! does that mean I am old or what? lol! I didn't have too much time to prepare as this one...who's graduated from Mililani High School... they graduated on Sunday...I only found out the day before...yikes! so I made a fast and simple card. thanks to Donna for showing us how to use nesties to make fast and cute cards! I just used a sentiment and added the tassel to give it the effect of "graduating".
here's the side view of what it looks like...
I also made a lei with the "nani" length. those of you who make these leis with a straw know what I am talking about. I used gold and brown...these are the colors of Mililani. it really turned out pretty nice. I better run out and go buy more gold. it really looks nice with other colors.
Happy Graduation...Congratulations to those who are or have children that are graduating! what a blessed moment for all of you...till tomorrow: “I hope your dreams take you... to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known.”

Be Blessed,


donna mikasa

That is one quick and clever card! Love it, Joy! I love the hanging tassel--it looks like a fancy mortarboard!
So very cool...thanks for sharing!


perfect graduation card!!!


I like that card! Very simple yet very nice.


Love it!! the added tassel is the perfect touch and the sentiment is great!! Love the lei too!! wonderful creations... omgosh, i have to make some grad cards too.. and i'm so behind... eek!! Have a good day!! Hugs!


Awesome card Joy! I like the lei you made too!! Hope you are having a great day!
Jodi =)

joni h

Great card and lei! Thank goodness for those who shared the making leis with straws! Love that tassel on the card and the color of your lei came out great!

Islander Girl

What an elegant card!! Love the lei!!! Hm, maybe you can do a tutorial for us non-Hawaiian ppl?? LOL!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug

Oh I love your graduation card with the tassle Joy!! Stunning sentiment and design!

Shirley N

Love your quick card, Joy--that tassle really added the perfect touch!


What a great card! I'm so jealous that you have a beautiful tassle! The lei is pretty too!


love the colors. And the lei is gorgeous... out here in cali, graduates always requests for leis... hahaha


very pretty joy!! love your pretty card. Gosh, it's grad time already? Sheesh!!! So fast!!


This is awesome, love the tassel! My youngest is graduating on the 29th, I can't believe it! And I should be in my craft room now making him a card, lol!


Great job on the lei and grad card, Joy! Can't believe it's graduation time again already!

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