Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For a Beloved Mom...

so sad to say I had to go to a funeral this weekend for a dear sweet friend, who's mom passed away. I am very close to this family and it broke my heart when I heard the news. I know that hand made cards are so special, so with that I decided to make a couple different cards. I just got this sympathy stamp from Cute Stuff this past week...just in time for this card. I used the new stamps called vintage vogue from SU, added some ribbon and bling, layered some CS and used some pretty DP.
the second one is something that is not really your ordinary colors for a sympathy card. I used them to make the card brighter, but it ended up looking like Christmas colors, but I wanted the card to be more cheery and upbeat. I had this stamp a while ago...added some bling and made it simple.
what do you think? what are better colors to use when making a sympathy card? and should you keep your card simple or not? please let me know. thanks! hope you all had a great 3 day weekend for those of you who got to relax! I was blessed to be able to spend my holiday with a special and sweet group of ladies! I really had a blast!



Joy, so sorry that you had to go to a funeral this week...I had a memorial service that I went to also...for my friend's mom..weird huh?

both of your cards are lovely..


It's so hard to attend those... especially when it's like your family... She is so lucky to have a friend like you who helps her get through... Beautiful cards.... i love the colors on both... =D TFS! hugs, Kris


So sorry Joy. ((hugs)) Your cards are beautiful. I rarely make sympathy cards, I buy them usually, I'm so not good at making and portraying what I want to say. Yours are perfect.


Your cards are perfect. I wanted to make a few cards too because it's special when it's made. It just feels too weird to pre-make them for when I need it so I end up making a card a day before the services. TFS and Have a Great Week.


Very Beautiful cards Joy! I hate making Sympathy cards.
Hope your week is a beautiful one.

Shirley N

I think your sympathy cards are beautiful and I love the sentiments you used. It was nice that you were there for Teri and her family. I'm sure it meant a lot especially during these difficult times. Take care Joy.

Michelle U

Joy these came out so nice. I always have such a hard time with sympathy cards. I think I need to get a sympathy stamp too, the one you got is a really good one. TG we won last night, was getting worried at the end. I am so tired today...but was all worth it! TTYL!


great cards...it is hard for me to make sympathy cards also...a sentiment stamp is always the best....TFS....have a great week....


Both of these cards are Beautiful!..I love the comforting sentiment on the front of the top one. I usually buy sympathy cards...but these are so inspiring..I may try making a few to have on hand....TFS!!..Hugs, Ila


i love your sympathy cards! i haven't made one before! *knock on wood* hehe. yes, i think sympathy cards should be simple and i usually like them with soft colors but your bright one came out nice! have a great day!


Hey Joy!

It's never easy making Sympathy cards . . . but the cool thing about it, is that it's personal and totally made with luv! I thinks your 2 are perfect just the way you made it.

Btw, you couldn't see my face because it was intended to be like that. Wouldn't let Denise take my pic face on. :) hee,hee! Oh, OCS is coming soon! :)


Both of your cards are beautiful. I luv both of your sympathy sentiments too. I always have a difficult time creating sympathy cards. Great job!


Your cards are just PERFECT! Sympathy cards are always hard because of the emotion that goes with it.


Love Yah!


Kudos to you for making these sympathy cards. I think these are the hardest to make, even harder than guy cards. Yours are beautiful, I like both the quiet looking ones and the cheery ones...both kinds are special just because you took the time and care to make them yourself.


It's so hard to attend funeral and also making these type of cards. It so sad and I can't help myself to cry and feel sad while making them too. Your card turn out great.


Thanks Joy, both cards turned out beautiful! I'm gonna post all of the beautiful cards that we received. Your friendship and love mean alot to us!!


I am sure your beautiful cards made your friend's pain a little easier.


She is so lucky to have a friend like you who helps her get through... Beautiful cards.

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