Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thank you cards...

I wanted to make my thank you cards special...I wanted my friends to know that I am truly blessed to have them in my life and that I am so honored to have them all come out and help me celebrate my birthday. so each card is one of a kind! If you know me well enough, I don't like to make more than one card of the same thing.
I made a total of seven cards tonight before heading off to my soccer game. I was going to see most of the girls and 2 guys there tonight, so I wanted to make sure I get it to them.
this anya mermaid was for Michelle...yes, my BFF!
this geisha anya went to KeriAnne...
Jenn received this angel anya...
I gave this princess anya to Lyana...
here's a Stylish Tilda for Dana...
the last one I just made tonight after I came home from my game. I will be seeing Sharon tomorrow for dinner, so I wanted to give her, her thank you card too. this one is called the standing fall Tilda. I'm happy with how all these cards turned out!
I used the cowboy Ian for Chris and the quarterback Ian for Colin (not posted separately) but it's in the group of cards.
I used all my copics...which is really growing now! I enjoy myself when I color the stamps. it really does make a difference...amazing!

thanks for stopping by today.
enjoy the's half way gone!
take care =)



FUN were a busy girl!!!


My favorite is the Japanese geisha one. Great job on all. They look awesome!

Islander Girl

OMG girl you were on a roll!!! I love all the cards! Especially the Anya and Ian's (^o*) You did a great job! The cards are so much specials since you made each and everyone of your friends personalized cards! If it was me, I'd make them all the same! hahaha!

You're a motivating me to make more cards!!!

Michelle Ueligitone

I love mine! Thanks for the fun time and hope you enjoyed your big day! TTYL!

Michelle Ueligitone

I love mine! Thanks for the fun time and hope you enjoyed your big day! TTYL!

Islander Girl

hahaha! Roxy tries to take off her rubber bands also! But sometimes she'll leave it on. You gotta start them on clothes early! LOL! She's pretty good with playing dress up!

How much does your Yorkie weigh?


Wow Joy. . .you sure worked hard! Love all of the Thank you cards you created!! So pretty and you did a fabulous job coloring all of the images!!! I don't like to make duplicate cards either but it does take longer to make individual cards but yours all turend out FABULOUS!!



What lucky friends! These look awesome. I can't wait to get my Anya stamps, so I can play too! :0)


Wow, they are all so gorgeous, great job!
Marlene x


Can you say WOW!!?? Holy cow Joy! These cards are so fabulous! I can't decide which is my favorite one! I hope everyone loved their card, truly works of art. I think you now have more copics than me!! Great coloring too!! xoxo


Awesome card creations, Joy!! They are all so very cute!!



I love every card you made, and this is why you have so many special people in your life! I should know!


All are oh so beautiful Joy.. I can't wait to use the ones I got from Greeting Farm...


They are so cute. I tell you, you just "BREATHE" and your creations are done (lol)? Where do you find the time, please share =)

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