Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mini clear cans...

I wanted to make something for the ladies today...
we are playing our UH six-a-side soccer tournament today.
it's an all day I wanted to say "thank you" as well as "happy girl's day"! I have 9 ladies playing, so 9 cute little clear pails I made =) I got the clear pails when they were on sale at Ben Franklin. they are the cutest thing!
I got to use my sizzix hello kitty...I used DP for the band and the outfit and bow for each HK! I put heart bling in their bows and stickles for their hearts.
I wanted to say thank you for I stamped my thank you stamp, blinged the flower and also use my japanese girl doll I colored them to match each pail...and blinged them too! they are popped up from the top (hard to see). I used my 1 1/4" circle and scallop punch from SU.
here's what the single can looks like...
I also got some ribbon to tie on and then I printed out the Happy Girl's Day on cardstock and then stamped it with sakura flowers and punched it with the curly label punch.
here's the top up close...
filled them with hard candy that the ladies can enjoy!
these are the different colors I used for each pail...
made 2 of each except for the blue...there's only 1!

hope everyone will have a good weekend...
girls in Hawaii...please don't blow away =)



Nice Stuff!

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Wow! You been really busy! I'm sure they absolutely love it. I would if I received one. You did a fabulous job!!!!



Whoa! They are sooo adorable - I'm sure that they are going to love and treasure those lil cans! So sweet of you :)
Have a great weekend! xo


Ooooh.... so cute!!!!

Lovely work!!



Very cute!! I thought about getting those can when BF had them on sale, and then decided not to, but after looking at your creations, I should of at least got a couple!!! I am sure they will all like their Thank You gifts.


too cute not to sure what i am going to make for girl's day the ladies will enjoy it...have a great weekend...


Wow! These are so wonderful! I bet your girlfriends will really love them! You put so much into them!


Wow! These are so wonderful! I bet your girlfriends will really love them! You put so much into them!


Do you ever sleep Joy? I'm amazed at all fo the things you make - the tins are really cute and your soccer friends are so lucky.


Wow, wow, wow! They'll love these beautiful little cans! Thanks for sharing!


The girls will surely love this! Where you get your endless energy from I wish I knew! They are all so pretty! Good Luck also!


OMG, Joy! These tin pails are too cute.. The girls will love this!! =)

Michelle Ueligitone

Thank you so much Joy! I love mine and Amara keeps asking me if it is for her. I told her she can have the candy on the inside, lol, but the can is mine! Thanks again for asking me to play again. You are the best!


A wonderful gift idea & they look so pretty.

Bunny-Zoe's Blog

What a great idea Joy, love the cute little Kitty's. Hugs Nikki x


Wowee! You have been busy. I saw these at Ben Franklin too, and I bought ONE! (lol!) I can just imagine how thrilled your soccer girls must have been to receive such a thoughtful and creative gift...lucky, lucky them!


Love all of these hello kitty cans -- so precious


Love all of these hello kitty cans -- so precious


These are super cute Joy!! Love that you used Hello Kitty of course! =)
Jodi =)

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