Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ThAnK yOu TeRi!

Look at this most cutest hello kitty card from Teri to my daughter for her "belated" birthday. it's better late than never, that's what I always say...and my daughter loves to receive anything and everything...she got a gift card to Claires and even that was hello kitty. My daughter started screaming and she was so excited and happy! So...thank you Aunty Teri! If you want to check her on her name here: TERI...this is the front of the sweet yah!
here's what it looks like when it's opened.
the hello kitty chipboard is what holds the card closed.

Look at my RAK from Teri...I can't believe it! I got the card for Jen's LCWC #9 challenge! I am so lucky and blessed. The girl is so is that little piggy!

Now this is so awesome! I received rubber stamps from Teri. This was wrapped in the DS paper in the picture up above. They are so cute! I was thinking of ordering some through Jen's Little C's store...just have been busy and haven't had a chance to do so...yet.

thanks for checking me out today...have a great "hump" day!



Hey Joy! You are welcome. I'm so glad that you work so close to me and that we can visit each other...hope to see Tae soon!

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