Monday, February 20, 2012

Memory Books...

...CLASS OF 2012...
So, I decided for my daughter's last year in elementary school, I would step in and do something special for the kids in her class. Every year they take a little trip to Turtle Bay...they stay over night and then return. Well, I was going to make the favors, but I decided to make the memory books for each child instead. I wanted to make it special as it's their last time together as others may attend different schools and lives change. I can say that these last 7 years at Kaneohe Elementary has been a roller coaster and truly a blast! So this weekend, I got together with my "best of friends" gang and we got the ideas rolling and we came up with this...
I wanted to use the class logo, class colors which are black and gold and a pen.
So I wanted to take a picture of what 85 books would look like, and yes...this is how many kids are in her class.
I hope the kids enjoy their books!
Wow...2 postings in a week! haha! I hope that the more I create the more I will post. I hope to have more time to be able to share with you! Hope you are having a wonderful President's day and have a beautiful week!

Be Blessed,



What a special memento/gift for them Joy! And WOW on all those you did, they are wonderful! ~hugs


WOW! Joy, these are truly a special gift for the kids! Great job! Enjoy the holiday and have a fabulous week! ;D


you are definitely a GREAT mother!!! WOW!!! 85! man, i don't know how you did it! this will surely be loved and treasured!


wow these are awesome! she is lucky you do a lot for her and her classmates! good to see you crafting!


OMG that's a lot! You sure worked hard on all of them and they sure are lucky. Great job...TFS!

donna mikasa

What a labor of love! This is amazing, Joy! Wonderful keepsakes for your daughter and her classmates!


Glad the books turned out and that we were able to be a part of this special memory in the making for Tae. See you soon!


This is something the kids will treasure forever! Way to go mom!

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