Tuesday, July 26, 2011



Hello my dear sweet blogging sisters & friends. I truly appreciate the support, encouraging comments and that you are loyal enough to stop by. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I will be out of contact with all of you for a little while. As of Monday...we have finally started the 2nd phase of construction...so the bathroom, cabinets and floors will be ripped out and let the rebuilding begin. So with that, I have moved everything out from downstairs... literally meaning I have no computer...no access to email or internet, unless I am at work and I have limited access to my crafts now since everything is blocking other things.

**for those of you who have joined my C.A.T.S. I am planning to hook up my computer one last time and send out the partners for August. Please don't be alarmed that I am sending it out early as this is the only way I can do it. If there are any problems, I receive email notifications to my phone & I will find a way to contact you**

Thank you so much for being a friend. I am grateful that I have friends in all of you. I will definitely try to stop by to your blogs when I have the time. Take care of each other and make sure you make every moment count...till then...BIG HUGS!

Be Blessed,



Congrats on moving into your next phase of construction :) Im sure your house is gonna be amazing!!

joni h

wah! where am I going to get all my ideas from?! Guess I'll have to make do with your archives! :)
good luck on your 2nd phase! LMK if you need help with anything!


good luck with phase 2 of your construction! praying that everything goes smoothly!


How exciting Joy! Well exciting for about your house but not about you being without your crafting supplies...but hopefully it won't inconvenience you too long! Take care!


Wow it must be so exciting to have all that remodeling done to your home! Enjoy the break...looking forward to all your wonderful projects when you get back!


How exciting!! hope everything goes quickly and smoothly so you can get back to crafting!! miss your creations!


Aww man! You mean to say that I won't be able to see some awesome JOY creations? Bummers! I know when you get your craft space back, you'll be pumping them out like mad! hee, hee! :) I'll be awaiting, until then . . . good luck on the renovations!


good luck with your renovations! can't wait to see your creations when you return!

donna mikasa

Hi Joy! Hope to see some "after" shots of your renovations! Hang in there--it'll all be worth it and we'll all be waiting until we can see more of your awesome cards and creations! Good luck!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug

Hi Joy!! I know you can't see this right now but want you to know you are in my prayers in thoughts. Hope all is going well with the construction. Miss you!!

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